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Frequently Asked Questions - Videography

Most couples approve their Highlight Reel after we post it online for their review. However, Bella also offers you an opportunity to participate in the editing process of your Highlight Reel by soliciting your input on music swaps, audio cuts, photos and reordering footage. Once we provide you with a Highlight Reel for review, we’ll ask for your feedback within 3 weeks. After the first round of editing included in your video package, you may decide that you want additional editing which we are happy to provide at rate of $200 per hour. The Full Length Reel is a minimally edited piece comprised from RAW footage of the must-have moments of your day so there are no additional editing services provided for this product.

Bella offers a superior product compared to the raw footage offered by other companies: we provide the Full Length Reel, which is a minimally-edited video that includes the events of your wedding day in their entirety - usually 45-90 minutes long. The Highlight Reel is designed to share with friends and family online. Your Raw Footage is included with every Bella Video package.

Every Bella video is shot and delivered in High Definition.

We are glad to use the time between your ceremony and reception to interview your VIP guests.

Your Cinematic Edit will be 3-5 minutes in length, and your Signature Edit will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length, depending on how much you decide to edit through our hands-on, Custom Editing process.

Yes. We provide you with a DVD of your videos and also host the Highlight Reel online. You are free to share the link with anyone, and you can make as many copies as you like for personal use or for family and friends.

Unlike working with an individual, an advantage of working with Bella Pictures is that no matter what happens, you will always have a Bella Videographer and Certified Bella Photographer on the day of your wedding.

In all the excitement of your wedding, you will be surprised at how quickly you forget about the camera. The professionalism of our videographers and their ability to remain unobtrusive is one of the biggest advantages of the Bella Pictures approach. They are there to record the true events of your day, and will not interfere with or influence what you are doing in any way.

Hiring a talented friend to handle catering, music, video or any other part of your wedding could be a good way to spare your budget. However, professional videography delivers more than just a chronological series of clips from your wedding. Our videographers know how to set up artistic shots, shoot in challenging conditions, skillfully conduct important interviews, and remain unobtrusive so they don't disrupt the natural flow of the day's events. So, what you pay for is a professionally shot and edited video, as well as the peace of mind that no important moments will be botched or missed.

Our goal is to document the environment and experience that you create for your guests. For example, you may want to turn down the lights for your first dance. We encourage you not to dim any lighting. In general, it’s easier for us to stay out of your way in well-lit environments.

Typically, outdoor or beach weddings include Mother Nature as a guest. We will always use high-quality recording equipment; the sound of wind or surf may become a part of your vows.

If you choose to have us shoot interviews, we'll plan for it ahead of time. Our aim is to capture the interviews right after the ceremony, when emotions are highest, and so that we don’t have to interrupt your guests at the reception when they're having a good time!

We capture the vows using a subtle wireless microphone that’s attached to the groom’s lapel. All interviews and important speeches are recorded using the same high-quality microphones. Whenever possible, we plug in to your venue’s sound system to get optimal sound.

We typically use a tripod for the ceremony, and then shoot with a handheld camera to capture action during the reception. Our goal is to always position the camera for the best possible angle while respecting your space and the experience of your guests.

Most video coverage begins 30 minutes before your ceremony. We recommend six hours of video for an eight-hour day, because most brides prefer photo coverage of their prep time and opt out of extensive dance floor coverage at the end of their reception. The best way to plan coverage for your day is to schedule an appointment with a Bella consultant.

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