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Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

All payments for wedding services are refundable for 3 days from the time of purchase. Cancellations must be provided in writing by 12AM CST to csd@bellapictures.com. Any subsequent cancellation of the wedding services is subject to a $1,250 cancellation fee and refunds will only be made for payments made in excess of that amount. All payments for wedding services are non-refundable within 60 days of the wedding date.

If your wedding services are rescheduled due to a change in the wedding date, we will accommodate the change, provided that the new date and time do not conflict with our schedule. If we are unable to provide coverage at the new date and time, the refund policy stated above will apply. In the event we agree to a rescheduled wedding date for the services, the prices listed above may be modified by Bella Pictures to our then-current market rate and/or Bella Pictures reserves the right to recoup any fees already paid to Bella photographers or filmmakers for rescheduled services. Reductions in contracted hours may result in reassignment of your photographer without your approval. You will be ineligible to request a change in your assigned photographer under any of the following conditions: i) your wedding is booked less than 4 months from the wedding day, or ii) your Wedding Planner is not completed less than 45 days from your wedding day. A link to your on-line Wedding Planner will be emailed to you within 14 days of booking with Bella Pictures and contains critical information regarding the start time and exact locations for all venues selected to be included in your wedding day coverage. Bella Picutres reserves the right to terminate this contract in the event you do not respond to requests to complete the Wedding Planner.
Engagement, Bridal, and Portrait Sessions

With the purchase of an Engagement, Bridal, or Portrait Session, you will receive the best images that your photographer selects from your one hour shoot. These images will be delivered to you online and be available for download via high resolution digital download at your Bella online wedding website. Engagement, bridal or portrait sessions will take place at one location only. Cancellation or rescheduling of an engagement, bridal, or portrait session within 7 days of the scheduled date will incur a fee of 100% of the associated engagement session fee listed on our website. Engagement, bridal or portrait sessions will take place at one location only. Cancellation or rescheduling of an engagement, bridal, or portrait session within 14 days of the scheduled date will incur a fee of 50% of the associated engagement session fee listed on our website. All engagement, bridal, and portrait sessions must be scheduled 30 days before the desired date and include an alternative site to accommodate inclement weather. Weather does not constitute a valid reason for cancellation of the engagement session. Late arrival to your engagement, bridal, or portrait session will reduce the total time for the session, with no reduction in the session fee.
Other Terms and Conditions:

The liability of Bella Pictures and any of its third party service providers shall be limited only to the purchase price for the photographic and/or video services provided. You agree to release and hold harmless Bella Pictures and any of its third party service providers from any and all other claims arising out of this agreement. Bella Pictures may terminate this agreement for convenience by giving you notice of termination at least ninety (90) days prior to your wedding date. Upon such termination, Bella Pictures shall pay to you a full refund of any amounts previously paid by you to Bella Pictures under this agreement. In the event of such termination, you agree that Bella Pictures shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind, and that the total liability of Bella Pictures shall be limited to such full refund amount.

Bella Pictures and any of its third party service providers will not be liable or otherwise responsible for any failure or delay in providing its services under this agreement due to any events beyond the reasonable control of Bella Pictures including, but not limited to, acts of God or elements of nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, or other casualty), war, civil commotion, labor disputes, strikes governmental regulation or restriction and weather conditions.

Bella pictures and/ or your assigned photographer and filmmaker own the images produced in conjunction with this contract, including all copyrights in such images. Bella Pictures grants you the right to use these images for your personal use only. You do not have the right to use these images for profit or in any commercial, advertising, or third party publication (with the exception of printed engagement and wedding announcements).

You hereby grant Bella Pictures permission to use copies of the photographs and video(s) produced for you under this service agreement, including your image, likeness and voice contained therein, for limited marketing purposes in perpetuity.

You are responsible for any and all permits, licenses and approvals needed for Bella to photograph and perform photography and video services, if applicable, at any location. The filmmaker and/or photographer are not responsible for lighting restrictions imposed at any of the venues chosen for your event, whether known or unknown by you prior to your wedding day. They will make every professional effort to maximize the quality of image given the environment in any location that you have chosen, but we are not liable for circumstances outside of our control.

All modifications to contracted services are subject to applicable pricing and promotions at the time of the requested change. Bella Pictures reserves the right to charge additional fees if the provision of contracted services requires translation from languages other than English.

Bella Pictures requires a meal be provided for each photographer and filmmaker, the cost not to exceed $30 per person and one 15 minute break per person for services exceeding 6 hours. In the event that you request photography or videography time above the number of hours designated in this agreement and/or the length of the event exceeds the time specified in this agreement, requiring photography or videography time above the number of hours designated in this agreement, Bella Pictures will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request. Additional photography or videography time will be billed at Bella Pictures' current hourly rate for your wedding location listed on our website. You will also be responsible for any incremental out-of- pocket expenses that Bella Pictures incurs in accommodating your request. If the event lasts past 11:00pm, and you authorize the photographer(s) or filmmakers(s) to continue taking photographs or video past such time, unless otherwise specified in this agreement, you will be responsible for providing hotel accommodations for the photographer(s) and filmmaker(s), if applicable.

This agreement includes the purchase of the original photographs produced and edited by Bella Pictures, and the resulting digital negatives which will be made available to you via high resolution digital download or DVD-R media approximately 30 days after the wedding date. You will receive a subset of images selected at the discretion of Bella’s professional editors via high resolution digital download. This selection will reflect the best in artistic and technical merit that also tell the story of your wedding day and will be print ready. The entire body of work produced, including outtakes, can be made available for purchase separately at an additional cost. Bella Pictures intends to capture all anticipated images of the important moments in your day but makes no guarantee to capture any specific image or scene. Standard image correction, including color balance and red-eye reduction will be performed on the selected images for the purpose of prints and albums. More comprehensive manipulation of images is available at an additional cost, or as specified in the Details of Wedding Coverage.

With the purchase of a custom design Bella Pictures album to include the flush mount, matted, wedding book and unique gift book products, Bella Pictures will provide up to two album drafts (initial draft and one album revision) as part of this service agreement. Feedback on each album draft is due back to Bella within 30 days of delivery of the draft to you. Complex revision requests (such as those requesting extensive retouching or changing the album design style) may incur a revision fee. If a revision fee applies, you will be contacted with a quote before the changes are made. Additional draft fees apply if you request drafts beyond your allotted two drafts.

With the purchase of a standard layout Bella Pictures album to include the photobook and photomount products, you will be provided with a proof as part of this service agreement. The sole purpose of the proof is to verify that all of your selected images were included in the album. Any revision requests to a standard layout album will incur a design fee of $100 or more, depending on the complexity of the requested revision.

Completion of your album will take approximately 6 months from start to finish and is dependent on your active participation. In the event you have not completed the design of your wedding album within twelve months after your wedding date, or you have been non-responsive to repeated requests for input and/or approval for a period of six consecutive months, Bella will deem your account to be inactive and the obligations under this agreement to be completed.

Your purchase of Bella Pictures video services may include two video pieces: a Highlight Reel and a Full Length Reel. The length of the video depends on the length of your wedding, and the professional discretion of the editor. The Highlight Reel is a short piece (5-7 minutes) that is a professionally edited montage of the footage of your day. The Full Length Reel (45-90 minutes) is a minimally edited documentary piece. Bella Pictures will provide you with a first draft of your Highlight Reel within approximately six to eight weeks after your wedding, and you will be required to provide editing feedback within three weeks after delivery of the first draft of your Highlight Reel. If you do not provide editing feedback within three weeks after delivery of the first draft of your Highlight Reel, then Bella Pictures will consider the first draft delivered to be the final draft at that time. If you provide editing feedback and changes are made to the first draft of your Highlight Reel, your approval or editing feedback is required within five days after delivery of the second draft of your Highlight Reel. If you do not provide feedback within five days after delivery of the second draft of your Highlight Reel, then Bella Pictures will consider the second draft delivered to be the final draft of that time. Any additional editing beyond this final, second edit will be billed at the current hourly rate listed on our website. The Full Length Reel product does not include the editing feedback process described in this paragraph.

Video - Highlight Reel - "editing feedback" is defined as follows: Music Swaps: Copyright laws prohibit the use of licensed music, but you may choose to change the genre of music in your Highlight Reel; Adding or Removing: You may add or remove Bella photos from your video and we will add up to 5 photos for you. We do not add footage to the Highlight Reel because the Documentary Reel contains all the key moments of your day. You may always remove a video clip or sound bite from your movie.Reordering the Sequence of Events: You may change the order of the depicted events.

Additional Video Services: On the day of your wedding, you may decide that you want additional video coverage that was not included in your original contract. If the filmmaker's schedule permits, s/he will do so but please note, for the first hour you will be charged an overtime rate of $200/hour. If you request more than 1 hour of overtime, you will be charged the coverage price that is closest to the total amount of hours incurred on your day. This request can be made verbally to your filmmaker the day of your wedding.

Bella Pictures warrants that all album and video products you purchase from us shall be free from material defects in materials or workmanship during the lifetime of the original purchaser, excluding normal wear and tear, cosmetic aging, and damage caused by mishandling or improper storage. EXCEPT AS SET FORTH IN THE FOREGOING SENTENCE, AND TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, THE SERVICES AND GOODS, INCLUDING PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO, PROVIDED HEREUNDER ARE PROVIDED "AS IS," WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND AND BELLA PICTURES HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSES.


This agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to conflict of law provisions. In the event any provision of this agreement is held by a proper authority to be prohibited by law or unenforceable, such provision shall be amended and interpreted to accomplish the objectives of such provision to the greatest extent possible under applicable law and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect. Waiver of any breach or failure to enforce any term of this agreement will not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach or right to enforce which may thereafter occur. This agreement contains the final, complete, and exclusive agreement of the parties relative to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings and agreements relating to its subject matter.

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