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Get The Perfect Church Ceremony Photographs

For those couples who are having (or even just considering) a church ceremony, we want to pass on some advice and tips that will ensure incredible wedding photos. From vaulted ceilings to grand frescoes, the possibilities for amazing ceremony pictures are endless.
Beautiful Church Wedding Photography
Grand Church Photography
Keep in mind that churches – like many religious institutions – have special regulations. In order to make this process as smooth as possible for you, we have come up with a helpful list to consider while planning the photography for your big day.

Plan Ahead

Religious venues generally have some photography regulations they would like you to follow. You should find out their requirements ahead of time so there are no big surprises that day.

  • Some churches have pew, altar, center aisle, and/or balcony restrictions. Let your photographer know about any guidelines communicated to you by your church point-person.
  • Is there a flash restriction? Many churches will allow flash photography for the processional and recessional, but may not during the ceremony.
  • The other areas of a church also make for great wedding portrait scenery. Stone pillars, arched hallways, and antique church doors are just some of the spots that inspire great church photography.

Valuted Ceilings Wedding Photography

Beautiful Wedding Photography


Timing is key when planning the photos for a church wedding. Churches have pretty busy schedules on the weekend, so may only be able to grant you a limited amount of time before and after the ceremony for portrait shots. We suggest you find out the following:

  • What other events are happening at your church the same day as your wedding and their timing?
  • How much time do you have at the church for the ceremony and for formal portraits?

Great Church Wedding Shots

Help Your Photographer Help You

Because there may be some time limits and guidelines to remember, passing along all the information you gather to your photographer will help your day run more smoothly.

  • Provide your photographer with a timeline that includes all the information above, as well as a list of family portraits you want. Budgeting time and expectations is important for photographers. The more they know, the better the plan of action.
  • Old churches and cathedrals with vaulted ceilings are so visually remarkable that they just beg to be photographed. You'll definitely want photos that capture the dramatic interior where you are making your vows.

Wedding Day Photography
Wherever you decide to have your ceremony, empowering your Bella Pictures photographer with solid information, such as a timeline and “must-have” shot list, will ensure they capture your special day just the way you want it.

Share you story with us. Did you have your ceremony in a church? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page and we may feature your wedding!

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