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Persian Wedding Traditions

Persian weddings typically happen in 2 stages. The first being the "Aghd" which is considered the ceremony where the bride and groom sign a marriage contract. The second stage is the reception called the "Jashn-e Aroosi' where a celebration and feasts take place which can last several days. Some of the traditions are featured below:

A scarf or shawl is held over the bride and groom's head throughout the ceremony by happily married female relatives.
persian wedding photography 01persian wedding photography 04persian wedding photography 02
The Sofreh-ye Aghd is a table on which many items are placed to represent many good things for the couple and to guard them from harm. Most notably is the mirror that is always placed on the table. The mirror which represents fate should be the way in which the groom sees his bride's face for the first time after she takes off her veil.
persian wedding photography 08
A bowl of gold coins representing health and prosperity is set out on the "Sofreh-ye Aghd".
persian wedding photography 03
A tray of multi-colored herbs and spices ( Sini-ye Aatel-O-Baatel) is also set out on the "Sofreh-ye Aghd" to guard the couple from evil. The seven herbs and spices are poppy seeds, wild rice, angelica, salt, nigella seeds, black tea and frankincense.
persian wedding photography 05persian wedding photography 06
A copy of the couple's Holy Book is placed on the table as well to symbolize God's blessing for the couple.
persian wedding photography 07
A decorated flatbread adorned with nigella seeds symbolizes prosperity for the couple's life from there on out.
persian wedding photography 09
An assortment of sweets and pastries including the Persian staple Baklava is shared with the guests after the ceremony.
persian wedding photography 10
A basket of pomegranates and apples are placed on the table representing the hope for a joyous future.
persian wedding photography 14persian wedding photography 11persian wedding photography 12persian wedding photography 13persian wedding photography 15persian wedding photography 16

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