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Earth Day Inspired Wedding Tips: Make Your Wedding A Green Wedding

This past Sunday, April 22nd, was Earth Day and in honor of the earth friendly celebration we’ve gathered together some fun ideas and easy tips to make your wedding a success while still being eco-conscious.
Green Wedding Photography
A good way to reduce your carbon footprint is to hold the wedding ceremony and reception in the same venue. Or, plan for group transportation, which is not only a great way to reduce nasty emissions, but is an added perk for your guests. In bigger cities, parking and traffic is difficult. Providing transportation, like a van or bus, also allows for your guests to relax, have fun and enjoy the wedding day.
Fun wedding transportation ideas
Choosing local, sustainable and organic foods for your wedding menu is not only a good choice for the earth, it’s also good for your community, yourself and your guests. Local means it hasn’t had to travel very far, it’s fresh and that you are supporting your community of farmers and food suppliers. Organic means less pesticides going in you and your guests. All of this makes for a delicious menu at your wedding that you can be proud to serve.
Sustainable wedding menu - local food
Show off your creativity with signage and other printed materials by using recycled paper, or better yet, no paper at all! Repurpose wood, old signs, anything you can think of to cut out waste and add a touch of cleverness to your wedding. For instance, instead of individual escort cards, use a large blackboard as a seating chart.
Creative wedding alternative ideas - wedding photography
Wedding signage - wedding photography
If you'd like to give favors, then flower seeds, potted plants and edible gifts are a great idea – less waste and more love to spread. You can even use potted plants instead of cut flower arrangements for the tables, making this a great economic, as well as earth friendly, alternative.
Wedding flower arrangements alternative
Wedding centerpiece alternatives
Vintage is in! Whether it’s a family heirloom or some treasure you found in a vintage shop, this is the perfect time to be a little (or a lot) sentimental and show off your originality by incorporating family jewelry, your grandmother’s dress or cute vintage accent pieces into your wedding day.
Vintage wedding ideas
Vintage wedding photography
There are a lot of great ideas and options to help make your special day the perfect combination of unique, beautiful and good for the earth. Share with us your crafty ideas in the comments section or on our Facebook page

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